About The Family



Kim Son Restaurants was founded 1982 as the brainchild of Kim Tran and Son La. As the matriarch of the La Family, Kim exposes Houstonians to a menu of over 270 authentic dishes. The restaurant started from humble beginnings where none of the family members were paid a salary, choosing to reinvest in the business. Kim Son is now the largest Asian restaurant in Texas; employing over 400 people with over 80% of the clientele are non-Asian diners. Since its opening, the family has built long-term relationships with their customers and the community. With the success of her restaurants, Kim Tran hands over decision making and operations to her four sons who can be seen at the restaurants on a daily basis. Although the restaurant has grown into a system of multiple facilities, the comfortable down-home feel is still prominent in the restaurant ambiance. Kim Son Restaurants is the place of choice for important events such as wedding, banquets and corporate gatherings.

Key Personnel


  • Kim Su Tran – “Mama La” is the secret ingredient behind the Kim Son Restaurants. Kim and her husband along with their seven children arrived in Houston in 1980 fleeing the Communist rule in Vietnam. With more than 250 recipes memorized, Kim and her family opens a small restaurant. Twenty five years later, Kim’s small restaurant has grown into a system of four full scale restaurants, three banquet facilities and partnerships with national brands. Although she now entrusts her sons with the current operations, diners will still have the pleasure of seeing and chatting with Kim at the restaurant everyday.


 Tan Minh La

  • Tan Minh La, the eldest of seven siblings, serves multiple roles as older brother, substitute parent and ultimately the CEO brain-child of Kim Son Restaurants. When the family immigrated to the United States in 1980, Tan made the ultimate sacrifice of formal education and chose to work full time in the family business. Tan’s sacrifice provided his younger siblings the opportunity to pursue their university degrees. Following Mama La in vision and strategy, Tan leads the family business through multiple expansions and remakes the restaurant in order to keep up with changing times. Under his leadership, Kim Son has grown from a small 60 seat eatery into a full-scale restaurant system complete with banquet facilities and an interstate delivery system. In the next five years, Tan hopes to lead the business into several different ventures as Kim Son grows.

 Tri Minh La

  • Tri Minh La graduated from the University of Houston with his Bachelor’s of Business Administration. Immediately he became heavily involved in the family business to focus on growth and strategy. In his role as the Vice-President of Kim Son Restaurants, he is responsible for overall operations and expansion initiatives. Key operational projects under his lead are the partnerships between Kim Son Restaurants and Lauberge du Lac Casino, Boomtown Casino and Lumiere Place Hotel. The growth strategy for Kim Son will continue to be at the forefront for Mr. Tri La’s projects.

 Tony Minh La

  • Tony Minh La graduated from the University of Houston College of Hotel and Restaurant Management; he has spent his life devoted to the Kim Son Restaurants. Growing up in the family restaurant business, Tony works alongside his mother and three brothers. Tony’s wide range of experience encompasses full menu dining, wedding/banquet operations, Dim Sum and buffet management. Among his key accomplishments is the opening and management of the first Kim Son Café. This concept differs from the Kim Son Restaurants in that the Café menu is comprised of only a few key favorite items and a small sample of sushi. Within the next five years, Tony expects to continue growing the Café concept into a strong franchise opportunity.

 Tao Minh La

  • Tao Minh La graduated from the University of Texas-Austin with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1995. After a short time in the oil and gas business, Tao found his way back to the family business. His formal training has given him the ability to analyze operational and process needs within the restaurant. His restaurant career includes the opening and operations responsibility of Kim Son Westheimer, Sugar Land and currently Jefferson locations. While his brothers focus on growth strategies, Tao spends his energy on implementation and execution of new projects.